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"Mom, I am bored!": Cheap and fun ways to combat the summer slump in your home

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Last week, I talked about limits on electronics and how to have more engaged kids, and this post is a follow up to that helping with more ideas of how to spend more time electronic free with your kids in the summer and all year round. It is starting to get hotter and hotter, and as the days are feeling long, it is likely that you child has hit the slump of summer with lots of free time but not sure how to BEST use it. See below for some great ideas to get out into your community, explore new things, for cheap :) 


 I found a great resource online called Kidding Around Greenville. I will post the link below because there is a lot of great info on this page! There is a kids eat free tab outlining all the places that give a free meal to kids when an adult meal is purchased, local summer camps over the summer, indoor fun guide, and much more. I wanted to highlight a great list I found on there listing some free and cheap ideas to spend time together out of the home! There are so many benefits to getting out of the house with your kids. They are likely to be more engaged without the distraction of the tv, the dog, or typical patterns(sometimes lazy ones) in the house on a summer day. AND YOU! You will be able to focus and be engaged with your kids in a different environment instead of looking around the house and stressing at all there is to do etc. So here are some ideas:


Visit a local farmers market:


Suit up in your bathing suit and head to the free splash pad downtown


Learn about Geocaching, and get started with you kids ( a worldwide, outdoor scavenger hunt- for more info click here)


Have a picnic at Cleveland Park, McPherson Park or others


Take a trip to the library to pick out books to each read


Take a trip to Paris Mountain, you can swim, rent paddle boats or hike around


Pick fruit from local berry farms 


For the conclusive list of ideas from this helpful website click here! 


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