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Helping kids succeed in an electronics-addicted world:

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In our world today, myself included, we are driven by our connection to our electronics. They have made life so much easier and so much more complicated at the same time. I wanted to take some time to address some of the issues this can create in your home and how to combat them.


A few important things first:


You are the parent. You are in charge. Meaning you decide when, how, and what type of electronics you kids will be connected to day in and day out.


Kids will always rather play on electronics: So be ready to enforce limits on them. As with all of us in this distracted generation- we are hoping to be entertained, occupied by instant gratification, and this is what electronics do for kids.


Ok, moving on. It’s important to discuss expectations with your child and your family before putting that new gadget in their hands. What are they to use it for? What are they not to use it for? How often will you take it up? How often will you look through it? Letting them know this on the front end will help quell battles in the future.


Think through how much time is appropriate for them to be on it, and then have some other activities they can do once they are done with their hour. “ Time is up on the game system, but you can color, play with leggos, read, finish that art project etc.”

 Oftentimes kids are on electronics so much because they are bored. Kinda like how dogs bark when they are bored. Same level of annoyance ;) I will post another blog post about other options for when “screen time” is up.


And lastly, model well your time on your electronics. Have you ever noticed that when you are with some one hanging out, and they pick up their phone? Yep. It has happened to us all. We don’t want to be the person just sitting there or what if I got that reply back I was waiting for, I need to shoot of this quick text before I forget etc. It is so important to show your kids that you are not always on electronics. You have different hobbies, different things you want to do besides scroll on Instagram etc. I have some families that have found it very helpful to simply make a time at night that they all put their phones in a basket etc. 8pm, 9pm, whatever- no more phones for the night- lets go play a game. I think this is a great idea especially if company is over etc. It is so important for your kids to learn how to communicate with kids and


adults alike and it’s much harder for them to do this when their eyes are fixated on a screen.


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